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Ericsbergs Slott

Outside Katrineholm, in the scenic region of Sodermanland, is Ericsbergs Castle, one of the best-preserved and most magnificent baroque castles. With its well-kept park, which has been carefully restored as far as possible resemble its original design, the castle is breathtaking, almost magically beautiful near by Ericsbergs lake.

We wish that you, as a visitor, will experience Ericsbergs amazing history, but also show how the estate is constantly evolving in order to survive and be preserved in the future.

Welcome to Ericsberg, we look forward to your visit!


Torsdag, 26 Juni 00:00

Slottscaféet öppet för säsongen

Slottscaféet torsdag - söndag 11-17 t.o.m 16/8

Fredag, 15 Augusti 08:00


För 11:e gången arrangeras sommardressyr på Ericsberg

Fredag, 22 Augusti 17:00


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